sale_time (sale_time) wrote in girls_with_ink,

So... I have a font question for you guys. This is my first time to post, but I do a lot of lurking :-) I love seeing all the pictures, ideas and questions everyone has on here. I just recently decided the idea for this tattoo, I was inspired by a graphic one of my friends put on her blog and I thought it was kind of perfect for how my life is and will continue to fall into place, which so far isn't the best but I have lots of hope for the future. The quote will be placed on my foot and will say "One Step At A Time" this is the picture

Any other font ideas? I'm not crazy about that one, I also want a heart, in fact, I was thinking two but I'm not crazy about that one either, any idea are appreciated! Thank you!!
** Also this will be my second tattoo, but I've heard the foot is very very sensitive, I know its different for everyone, but if anyone has any experiences I would appreciate that as well!
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