Mairin (voices0808) wrote in girls_with_ink,

Hey everybody!!! So my friend and I went out and got our Anchorman lip tattoos this weekend. We decided to get PANDA WATCH!!! The artist said he loved our idea so much he did it for half the minimum, so we were pretty excited. In order to determine who would get PANDA and get WATCH! we had Craig write each down on a piece of paper and we picked them out of a cup. I got panda, which is obviously the superior word.



Both done by Craig at Shamus McInky's in South Buffalo, NY.

And here's a couple faces to put to the tats.
Mary's on the left and I'm (Mairin) on the left.
Yes, we're usually that obnoxious. But I also usually have a chin.

Unfortunately, both of them have started to fade already. I knew it would happen but I didn't know so soon. We're going back for touch ups in a couple days.
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