Michelle (thehypeofaging) wrote in girls_with_ink,


This is my first post of my first tattoo:

Right after I got it done.Around a four hour session.
I got this tattoo back in October 2007. It's done by the only tattoo artist I will ever ever go to! Tim Beck at Freedom Ink in Peoria, IL.
I got a new job this year and saved almost 1,000 bucks to get a rib piece. However I need some help.
I am looking to get a phoenix, with the words either:

a) risen from the ashes
b)risen above the ashes
c) rising from the ashes
d) rising above the ashes

I am look for a design kinda like these:

I want it to go from right under my bust to about the top of my hip.
Please help me with designs because i have looked for months and have only found a few i somewhat like. PLEASE HELP!
Tags: heart, rose, traditional
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