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girls_with_ink's Journal

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This is a community for tattooed women and individuals who find beauty in them.

Before you join, please read through the guidelines provided:

Head Moderator.
youve_lost will be your tour guide Barbie through this epic place we call girls_with_ink.

Co Moderators.
These will be the people that will help enforce rules, cut out spam, and make sure everything is kept in check!

Problems? Ideas?
If you have any problems, please feel free to leave a comment here for problems.

If you have any ideas to improve the community, please drop us a line here.

Any large pictures or multiple picture must be placed behind a livejournal cut. For instructions on making a livejournal cut, please view this place.

Advertising and Spam
Off topic advertising is strictly forbidden, the post will be deleted and you may be banned.

The mods are aware/will be aware of the spam, please do not make a topic about the spam. Making topics about spam makes further spam and we will cannibalize on your flesh, mkay?

Off Subject Stuff.
Anything off the subject of tattoos will be deleted. This is a tattoo community, we want tattoo stuff. I'm sorry to inform that we do not care if your local carnival is in town and you're going to go join it. Take it to your private journal, thanks.

Topics to Avoid
Yes, tattoos hurt. We do not want/need a million different ways to ask if it will hurt. Doesn't matter where its going, what it is, its a needle being dragged across your flesh.
No, we can't tell you what to get. We don't know you, and we don't know the personal reasons why you want the tattoo. Yes, we can probably tell you what will be ok as far as tattoo aging and the fine lines, but please don't ask us to decide for you.
Please check the tags before asking! We have a TON of tags for a reason!

Use The Tags!
You asked for them, you use them! We have tons upon tons of tags. If you don't see a tag you need, leave a comment in this spot! Tags MUST be used for all photos. The mods cannot do it alone. If you tag all your entries with premade tags we will not get a million "zomg show me your chest pieces involving unitards!"

Friends Only!
As of September 30th, 2007 we ask that ALL pictures (if not, all entries!) be friends only! This is to discourage the swiping of images!

Since we can never be too sure of the ages in our community, and we don't want any of you banned for any reason, please! put any nudity behind a livejournal cut!

Newly Inked.
Newly inked people are loved and cherished in this community. That being said, we want your input! When posting new ink, please include the artist and name of the shop. Also, please post your artist in our database!

Right now our database is US only. We are trying to find an effective way to go international. If you were tattooed in the US, post about it here.

We are making a large attempt to keep our memories section up to date with everything you need! Though right now it's a bit of a jamble, we do suggest you use it.

girls_with_ink and all of the mods here do not encourage ripping off other peoples tattoos. People put a LOT of thought and effort into their tattoos, and someone coming a long and going "zomg i tink that r purdy" and getting it does is not a thought or effort. If you are caught stealing other people's tats and you get called out on it, your post will be deleted, you will be banned, and we hope banshees banish your soul to Outland.

Any tattoos taken from this community and put into badtattoos4 will be banned. It's rude. It is not your body or your tattoo, and you have no right to do that to someone else. No exceptions.

But Most Of All
Be nice! We do not want drama. We don't want any "ur tattoo sux", that's just childish. You are allowed to constructive criticism, but there is a very fine line that was drawn with a thick black sharpie AGES ago. Don't cross it, and you won't have a problem.