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Dry Healing a Tattoo (sorry, text only, I'm no fun)

Hi, a newbie with a question... of course.  I did do some googling, but didn't really find any results, and I looked back 5 or 6 pages here, and didn't see anything, so please forgive me if I've missed something...

Has anyone here ever "dry healed" a tattoo?  I've always used lotions on my tattoos, but I'm getting tattooed by a new artist (new to me, not new to tattooing, just to clarify), and he swears by dry healing, on the basis that if you cut yourself or scrape your skin, you don't put lotion all over it, you just keep it clean and let it heal up.

I admit, I am skeptical... so I was wondering if anyone has any personal experiences to share regarding healing up a tattoo without using lotions or ointments.  I want to hear all about it!  :)

Thanks in advance for anything you can tell me!
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