Youve_Lost (youve_lost) wrote in girls_with_ink,

Mod Post Follow Up!

A lot of you may be wondering what is going on now with all of your suggestions.. So I figured I'd let you know your words of advice have not gone unanswered.

-I deleted all of the people from the community that no longer have ljs (why it doesn't delete them automatically when they leave livejournal is beyond me).
-I'm awaiting amyloo212 to pop on and help me out with a brand spanking new set of rules that are a little more clear on our expectations.
-I'm hoping one of my friends will be helping me with a new layout over the next few days.
-I've updated the tags. To suggest some I may have missed, please view here.
-I'm looking for someone to make us some new banners and icons. If you do, please post them here. I'm trying to find a good one to actually use on the user info page, so if you are handy with stuff like that and are willing to help, thanks in advance!!

There are still plenty of things that are being kicked around the mod community right now, but that is what I've accomplished thus far tonight. More to come this week.
Tags: mod post
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