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Suggestions Needed

I posted the phoenix and auryn tattoo's a couple weeks ago. Well, I'm looking down the barrell of another couple hours of work and honestly I am uncertain as to how to finish the phoenix. Eventually she will be part of an elemental sleeve [I'm going to have fire and water on that arm and earth and air on the other] and I want it to have 'the sleeve look' if that makes any sense.

But I'm stuck. *sigh* I'm unsure how to color the breast of the bird and how finish the background. Is there anyone who can help me?

I'm including the original art work with this post along with the piece as it is now.

Oh btw, yes I know there are cracks in the ink of the wings. Believe it or not I had an allergic reaction to the dye! We are going over them again to both get rid of the cracks and enhance the gorgeous blues. And the black around the design is the last bit I had done, its still healing.

Thanks for the help!!


Tags: phoenix, sleeve
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